Call for donations 17/18 - Sounds for eternity

Friends of Zurich Opera House donate new bells

Bells play a significant role in many operas. From Puccini's «Tosca», Janácek's «Totenhaus» or Wagner's «Parsifal», to name a few significant examples, they would have been indispensable. They complement the orchestra in different tones and pitches, each one unique in a multi-layered vibrating sound.

In most theaters bells are played on so-called plate or tubular bells, which replace the real bell. The Zurich Opera House also helped out with such instruments until now. But the acoustic result is not satisfactory, neither for the conductor, nor for the orchestra, nor for the audience. Thus, the opera house decided to play on real bells and over the last few years, a bell set of twelve tones purchased. The wish was to complement this tone series with the low f and six further bells of the keys g, as, b, c, d and e in height. Especially for Tosca, but also for other operas such as Das schlaue Füchslein and Boris Godunow, the house has so far lacked these original bell sounds.

The Zurich Opera House and the Friends of Zurich Opera would like to thank the generous donors. The bells were poured in August 2018 in the traditional Rüetschi foundry in Aarau and delivered to the Opera House in mid-September.

In the following film you can see impressions of the bell pouring and the baptism.

We say thank you!


We thank you for the generous support!

Marianne und Peter Angehrn

Dr. Zdenka Arnd

Lise Bardola

Edith Becciolini

Therese Bernet

Regula Bibus-Waser

Dr. Raymond Bloch

Gertrud E. Bollier

Renée und Hansjürg Bracher

Elvira Brandenberger

Dr. Margrit Bubb-Fehlmann

François Chappuis

Annemarie und Jacques Chavaz

Marlis Dangel-Nüesch

Jean-Jacques Derendinger

David E. Dreyfuss

Peter Erni

Liselotte Fietz-Russ

Annette und Klaus Ganz

Elisabeth Gottrau

Thomas Graedel

Niki und Alfred Gugelmann

Josephine M. und Rainer E. Gut

Christian Martin Gutekunst

Annelies und Häcki-Buhofer und Julia Häcki

Dora Hartmann

Marianne Heckmann-Veit

Hansruedi Heid

Susanne Hirs und Chris Fischer

Jean Holenstein

Ingrid und Egon Hug

Gabriele Jacober

Susan Kessler

Rolf Kielholz

Sibylle Klötzer-Vierhub

René Oskar Kühne

Katrin Langloh

Margrit Lanter-Lüthy

Gisela Leitner

Marion Lindecker-Gassmann

Ralph Mangei

Yvonne und Peter G. May

Ruedi Meier

Fukiko und Aldo Merazzi-Suminaka

Ariane Meyerhofer-Heller

Dorothée Müller-Haenisch

Giorgio Prestele

Seraina Puttkammer

Elfi Raffainer

Rita Rotach

Elisabeth Schaller

Dr. Jürg Schaufelberger

Dr. Johannes Schindler

Irma und Peter Schneiter

Louis Schnider

Martin Seiz

Ursula Seiz-Schumacher und Bernhard Seiz

Elisabeth Spiller

Ilse Stammer

Guido Stucki

Ursi und Peter Taylor

Yvette Traeber

Barbara Tschupp

Anna-Barbara und Dr. Conrad M. Ulrich-Bibus

Erika Umbricht Gysel

Walter Vogel

Annemarie von Schumacher

Madlen und Thomas von Stockar

Regula von Tscharner

Dr. Thao Vu und Dr. Samuel Ehrhardt

Dr. Jean-Marc Vuille

Dr. Heinrich Walti-Jucker

Prof. Dr. Beatrice Weber-Dürler

Ruth Werfel

Marianne Wirth-Wolff

Heidi und Dr. Werner Wunderli

Dr. Jürg Wüthrich

Kathrin Zehnder-Hatt

Marianne Zimmermann